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  • Increase Your Speed Introducing our Weighted Bag Glove engineered to increase your speed and power. Four removable weights allow you to increase the amount of resistance when you bag train.
  • Increase Your Power Bag train with the weights in. Your speed, power, and muscle stamina will increase. (Each Bag Glove weighs approximately 12 oz without the weights and 2 lbs with the weights inserted.)
  • Secure Fit Strong hook and loop closure keeps these Weighted Bag Gloves securely on your hands during intense training. Durable reinforced pockets keep the inserted weights securely in place combined with heavy-duty zippered closures.
  • Superior Protection Made with extra high-density shock-absorbing foam padding and attached thumb for superior protection when bag training.
  • Most Durable - Hand-crafted from top quality cowhide leather and premium reinforced stitching.
  • Tested & Endorsed by Professional MMA fighters.
  • NOTE: You MUST remove each and every weight before you Spar, and it is not recommended to spar with Bag Gloves!