GEL-X4 ACID GREEN Shin/Insteps
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Product Details

BY FAR our greatest creation to date. The undisputed champion of MMA training gear has arrived. INFUSED with gel to give you an unprecedented level of comfort and protection that you must experience to believe.

  • 4 layers of thick padding including Gel in shin area, High-density padding to absorb and disperse shock, and low-density foam padding for a comfortable cushion feel.
  • Covers entire foot - toes and all. Elastic foot strap keeps padding secure on foot, yet allows ball of foot to make traction with the ground.
  • Built-in optional elastic toe-strap.
  • Wraps around protecting the front and sides of shin.
  • 2 wide leather hook & loop closure straps combined with elastic slip-on neoprene sock "locks" in place and won't spin when you spar. There's even an elastic ankle strap.
  • Top-quality leather with premium heavy-duty reinforced stitching.

  • GET READY to train like never before.