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About Us | Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop

Tigear Fight Gear has had an official rebranding!

We are excited to announce we are now Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop! For over 25 years Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop has supplied Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts, the world's largest organization of MMA training schools, with high-tech products for both the amateur and pro fighter. Whether in training or in the ring, you can count on Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop products to have maximum shock absorbency, sleek design, and to be able to take the pounding of intense training. Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop continues to develop the most technologically advanced innovative products as the needs of martial artists evolve and change. Every step of the way, quality-controlled Tiger Schulmann's Pro Shop products are tested and approved by professional fighters for injury-free, high performance training. All of this adds up to your success.

We've got your back... Train Hard.