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Gel Knuckle Wraps

Gel Knuckle Wraps Gel Knuckle Wraps
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Product Details

  • Wear these Gel Knuckle Wraps under bag gloves or boxing gloves as a convenient and more protective alternative to hand wraps.
  • Elastic neoprene design stretches to fit a range of hand sizes.
  • Padding cushions knuckles for the ultimate impact protection.
  • Breathable neoprene and open-hand design for comfort

Featured positive reviews:

Gel Knuckle Wraps
Basic Knuckle protection
These gel gloves are good for younger children ages 6-7 who are still learning to hit a heavy bag with correct technique. They provide decent knuckle padding but do not have any wrist support. If your child has really small hands we do not recommend these gloves, the fingers will not fit in the holes. Instead I recommend the 6oz boxing gloves. Pros are knuckle padding and pricing, cons are no wrist support and the finger holes often tear apart after a few months use.
Gel Knuckle Wraps
Comfortable and well fitting
My six year old son loves his knuckle wraps. He says they tremendously improve his practice sessions.