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Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫

Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫 Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
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Product Details

  • TSMA uniform code requires KIDS wear white uniform pants. ADULTS & BLACK BELTS wear black uniform pants.
  • Innovative Design -Nylon material - lighter in weight than traditional canvas/cotton pants.
  • Mesh Moisture-Wicking Ventilated Interior Lining wicks moisture away from your skin in the leg, crotch and butt area.
  • These Pants WILL NOT stick to your knees, butt, or thighs when you train hard. You'll feel COOLER, DRYER and FASTER.
  • Helps regulate your body temperature so you have more energy.
  • Red contrast heavy-duty stitching for extreme durability
  • Tripled-reinforced stitching and heavy-duty reinforced "triangle" material at key stress points for MAXIMUM durability.
  • Drawstring with elastic waist provides perfect fit.
  • NEW! Sewn-in Mouth Guard pocket.
  • Embroidered 3-color Tiger Schulmann's logo on leg.
RECOMMENDED for CORE and KICKBOXING classes - Train comfortably.

TSMA Certified for training at your school

Featured positive reviews:

Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
The pants are wonderful and my son loves how they feel.
Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
Very comfortable!
Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
The Best
Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
These run long
Good detail and very lightweight. However the sizing runs large. Got a size 5 for my 5'9" son and he really could use a 4. Sizing showed differently than for the cotton equivalent pants, which was frustrating trying to figure out the right size.
Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
Good quality!
Always good quality! Only 3 stars ...I purchased >$150 which was supposedly free shipping but I was still charged for shipping. I still bought it though coz we needed those right away.

Featured negative reviews:

Nylon Mesh-Lined Pants - White ★ 𝘫
Comfortable but get very hot
Prior to these pants I was using the set that I received when I joined (all cotton). I waited quite a while to get these due to backorders getting filled, however, after such a long wait I realized that these pants make me hotter than the standard cotton beginner uniform pants. Now these are very comfortable and do having wicking material but unlike the Black ICE shirts these pants do not keep me cool. After speaking with some other students they too agreed with my observation and also purchased the premium cotton blend option.

To re-iterate, while they are very comfortable and fit accordingly, I personally find them to be hot and certainly sweat more than I do when I wear my pure cotton blend pants.

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