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2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants

2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants 2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
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Product Details

  • Get extra pants and avoid doing laundry after each class!
  • Soft, comfortable yet durable 55% cotton, 45% polyester construction
  • Drawstring with elastic waist provides perfect fit
  • Official Tiger Schulmann's 3-color logo printed on leg

Featured positive reviews:

2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
We don't need no belts! lol
hi guys, everything is good I received my package ok. 5 mins after the delivery I got an email notifying me about it. The only thing I want to bring up and its the only reason why I m doing this, is to suggest to remove the bundle of the belts with the uniform pants.

There is no need to send belts with the pants. The initial white belt is given with the first uniform when you sign up with TSMMA from that point on every promotion you are given the other belts.

I think I bought like 4 pairs of pants all came with belts and all went straight to the garbage. Maybe you could save a few bucks there and stop wasting materials.

Not a rant, just a suggestion :)
2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
beginner pant review
There is no need to include the white belt in the pack since we get those from the school. You can leave out the belt (s) and REDUCE the price of the pants. In this economy every $ counts. Thank you
2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
Good Quality
I bought size 2 pants for my daughter because she out grow size 1. The price is good for two pair of pants. The length and the quality of the pants is very good. I'll recommend it..
2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
No need for extra belts
I don't need a belt with every pair of pants that I get. The 1st white belt is provided by the school. Maybe if you would stop including this you could reduce the price
2-Pack Beginner Uniform Pants
I feel bad throwing away the extra belts. I did not need them with my pants, but there was no other option. Other than that, I got exactly what I needed!